Starting from the beginning the rotary tattoo company was nothing more than very slow progress trying to find nothing but the best quality metals, to the best quality motors that could we make a Rotary with. So a little about myself, my name is matt I’ve been in the tattoo industry for around 10 years, and in that time I’ve used rotaries for about seven years, So I thought why not make one to the specification that would suit other people, so I set about my journey researching and testing different metals and motors. Along the way finding out that every tattooist is completely different, so intern trying to make a decent all-round rotary that everyone could enjoy. 16 months later I decided to scrap everything that I started and give up because it wasn’t just quite right, but the people around me convinced me to carry on even if it was completely redesigning what I just made. Then after some time I released the first model.  This is where my real journey starts, designing and making new things for you guys to enjoy. 

I hope you enjoy the machines I have designed and I look forward to you posting the tattoos that you produce with them.


Matt Webb